Site Complet

Long Island and Long Island Bay (MB085)


Long Island and Long Island Bay (MB085)

Meadow Portage, Manitoba

Latitude 51,789°N
Longitude 99,685°O
Altitude 253m
Superficie 87,29km²

Description du site

Long Island and Long Island Bay are located in the southeast portion of the southern section of Lake Winnipegosis. The closest major town is Winnipegosis to the west-southwest. Long Island is a very low-lying, grassy island, that is partly rocky and is surrounded by marshes. The island is very close to the east shore and is located within Long Island Bay.


Three species of colonial birds nest on the rocky parts of Long Island. In 1991, 2,324 nests of Double-crested Cormorants were recorded on the island. Herring Gulls (39 nests) and American White Pelican (153 nests) were also censused in the 1991 surveys.

The site has also been noted as significant for molting and migrant diving ducks, in particular Redheads - in October, 1977, over 60,000 were surveyed here, representing more than 10% of the global breeding population of this species.

Enjeux de conservation

The primary use for Long Island Bay and Long Island is commercial and recreational fishing and hunting. Therefore, the main potential threat to this site is the over-harvesting of fish as all three nesting species mentioned above rely on fish for feeding themselves and their chicks. This site is crown land.

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Fuligule à tête rouge
Nombre Année Saison
60 0001977Automne
Oiseaux aquatiques
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60 0001977Automne